Welcome to St. Michael’s Soccer Club - Sunday Outdoor Soccer

We look forward to you joining us for our 23rd season as registration for the 2024 Outdoor program is now open. Below is some important information about our upcoming outdoor program. For full registration details, please see below.

Email: info@torontomarkhamsoccer.com
Phone: 416-817-8844 / 416-817-8844
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To register for our Sunday Outdoor Program, please click HERE.

For a summary of our Outdoor Rules, please click HERE.


This weekend will mark the Archangel Cup Tournament for all teams. The schedule for the first round of the tournament can be found by clicking on the TOURNAMENT page. Teams advancing (4 from each division) will have games scheduled later in the season.


We've extended the deadline to make any additions or player swaps to rosters to Sunday July 14 (Week 6). After July 14th, rosters must remain unchanged. Any teams caught making unsanctioned changes to their roster will automatically forfeit their match (3-0) and be fined $50.


You can click on the STATS link to view the Results, Standings, and Status of Carded players after games played on July 7, 2024.


The full season schedule has been posted. Please check our SCHEDULE page for game times each week.   Individuals will be emailed details of their team assignment for the season.  If you haven't heard from us by Friday May 31, please reach out to Mike or Jonathan at 416-731-9974 or 416-817-8844.


Registration for our 2024 Outdoor season is now open! Games will be taking place on Sunday mornings/afternoons in the McCowan and Steeles area.  You can register with your team, as a small group or as an individual.  Spaces are limited!

2024 Outdoor Season Details

  • Games take place on Sunday mornings/afternoons in the McCowan/Steeles area ranging in time from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis
  • The season will start on Sunday May 26th and end on Sunday September 22nd (games not played on long weekends)
  • Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 12 games, up to a maximum of 17 games
  • In addition to our regular season, we will be hosting our 19th annual Archangel Cup tournament midway through the season. All teams qualify for the tournament at no extra cost.
  • Trophies will be awarded at the end of the season for the regular season champions, playoff champions and finalists, Golden Boot winners and playoff MVPs
  • Weekly stats are posted for all games
  • You can register as an individual, with a group of friends or with your existing team.¬† Games will consist of 11 on 11 play (including a goalie)
  • Teams will be organized into 3 divisions (Div A - Competitive, and Div B1/B2 - Recreational) based on your teams preference when registering
  • All games are officiated by certified referees (1 ref in the middle and 2 linesmen)
  • We will conclude our season with an exciting round of playoffs for each division

Registering a Team

The cost for registering a team for the 2024 Outdoor season is $215 per player - note there is a minimum of 16 players required per team.  If teams have more than 16 players, each additional player is required to pay $215. This includes all ref fees for the season. Teams can secure a spot by paying a non-refundable deposit of $2,150 (10 players). The remainder of fees will be due by May 12th. A fully refundable bond of $250 is also required from all teams before the start of the season.

Registering as an Individual/Small Group

The cost for registering as an individual or a small group is $235/player. This will include a numbered t-shirt and will also include all referee fees. If you wish to register as an individual/small group we will be setting aside spots to accommodate players however spaces will be limited.  There will be a $25 charge for any refund requests before May 26.  There are no refunds after May 25.  All individual players will be placed in our Recreational division - B2. 

Field Locations

The majority of games will take place in the McCowan and Steeles area at either Elson Park, Coppard Park, Middlefield Collegiate Institute or Mint Leaf Park.


The season wrapped up with championship finals matches for the regular season playoffs in all 3 Divisions.  It was a day for the underdogs as all the lower seeds came out victorious.  Cosmos FC becomes our first ever Champions in Division B2, while both A.I and Top Boys ended the season by winning both the Regular Season championship and Archangel Cup championships!   Pics to be posted soon.

Thanks to all teams for participating in our biggest and best season to date!  Hope to see you back next summer!

American Internacional - 2023 Division A Playoff Champions

Top Boys - 2023 Division B1 Playoff Champions

Cosmos FC - 2023 Division B2 Playoff Champions


Congrats to Down Bad FC, Motion Boys and Chargers United for winning their respective regular season championships! Special congratulations go out to Mohammed Hezam of Kavla FC (15 goals), Ammar Bhatti of Motion Boys (16 goals) and Jason Bourne of Chargers United (12 goals) for capturing the Golden Boot in their respective divisions. The Results, Standings, Leading Goal Scorers and Status of Carded players for games played on August 27, 2023 are now posted.  Click HERE to view the season stats after Week 12 of play.


The season capped off with championship matches for the Playoffs and for the Archangel Cup tournament.   All games were extremely competitive with 2 Golden Goal winners on free kicks.  Congrats goes out to Kavla FC and Slime FC for capturing the Championship in their respective divisions and to A.I. and La Birk FC for winning the Archangel Cup Tournament.


Congrats goes out to A.I., Club Oranje and Slime FC for capturing the regular season championships in their respective divisions!!  Every division was super competitive and came down to the final week of games to crown the champions.  Photos will be posted shortly.


The league would like to congratulate Christopher Kapsas of Club Oranje, Myles Stanley of Slime and Jorge Nova Reyes of A.I. for winning the Golden Boots in their respective divisions. Chris led his division with 9 goals while Myles scored 16. Jorge scored a total of 18 goals. Congrats to these three amazing strikers. Photos to be posted shortly.


Congratulations to Indomitable SG and Guanacos FC for winning the championship finals in their respected divisions! Indomitable SG capped off an undefeated season by winning 3-0 against A.I.  Finals MVP Carlex Mbobda scored the first two goals to propel his team to victory.   In our Division B final, it was a back and forth game between Guanacos FC and T-76ers until finals MVP Mike Doherty converted the game winner in the second half.  Thanks to all teams for a memorable combined season between both leagues.  Hope to see you back next summer!

Indomitables SG -  Toronto Markham Soccer Club's Division A Playoff Champions

Guanacos FC -  Toronto Markham Soccer Club's Division B Playoff Champions



The league would like to extend congrats to Indomitable SG and Slime FC for winning the regular season championships in Division A and B respectively.  Special congratulations also goes out to Munashe Mugadza from FC Eagles for taking the Golden Boot trophy in Division A with 11 goals scored.  Myles Stanley from Slime FC captured the Golden Boot in Division B with 14 goals scored.   Photos will be posted shortly.

2019 CHAMPIONS CROWNED - FC Eagles and Bafana

The league would like to extend a congratulations to FC Eagles in Division A and Bafana in Division B for winning their respective Playoff Championship Matches and being crowned St. Michael's Soccer Club's 2019 Outdoor Division A and B Playoff Champions.

FC Eagles went down early to York Young Boys 1-0 but quickly rebounded to score 4 unanswered goals. However, York Young Boys scored 2 more unanswered goals towards the end of the game to make it a nail biter. However, FC Eagles were able to hang on for the 4-1 victory. Click  HERE for more info of the the FC EAGLES team.

Congrats also goes out to Bafana who had an amazing season. Not only did they come out on tops during the regular season earning themselves the title of St. Michael's Soccer Club's 2019 Outdoor Division B Regular Season Champs, but they also ended up winning the Archangel Cup Tournament for Division B. In a great Championship Final Match, Bafana took on the T-76ers who were making their 3rd appearance in the Division B Championship Finals in as many years. However, it was Bafana's day as they ended up winning the match by a score of 4-0. This also earned them the Triple Crown Championship as they are only one of 3 teams in the league's history to win the Regular Season, Archangel Cup and Championship Finals. Click HERE to read more on Bafana.

FC EAGLES - St. Michael's Soccer Club's Division A Playoff Champions


BAFANA - St. Michael's Soccer Club's Div B Regular Season, Archangel Cup and Playoff Champions.

YORK YOUNG BOYS - St. Michael's Soccer Club's Div A Regular Season Champions

MYLES STANLEY OF MILLIKEN ELITES - St. Michael's Soccer Club's Div B Golden Boot Winner with 12 Goals


BERNARDO XHAFERAJ OF YORK YOUNG BOYS - St. Michael's Soccer Club's Div A Golden Boot Winner with 12 Goals


St. Michael's Soccer Club dominated in the Archangel Cup Tournament finals. The league would like to extend a congrats to the Division "A" Archangel Cup Champions, York Young Boys on their 1-0 victory over A.I. Also, Bafana ended up beating ABCDE FC from Maple Leaf S.C. by a score of 2-1 to win the Division "B" Championship.  Way to represent the league! Both teams are the Regular Season and Archangel Cup Champs  and have a chance of being Triple Crown Champions if they can win the Playoff Championship Finals this Sunday!


The league would like to extend a congratulations to both York Young Boys of Division A and to Bafana of Division B for their impressive play all season long and being crowned the Regular Season Champions of their respective divisions. Both teams played impressive soccer consistently throughout the season to come out on tops in the standings. Photos of both teams to follow.



Congratulations also goes to Bernando Xhaferaj of York Young Boys in Division A and to Myles Stanley of Milliken Elites in Division B for their impressive goal tally throughout the season. Both players scored 12 goals (averaged a goal a game) throughout the season to earn the distinction and title of being the 2019 Golden Boot Winners for their divisions.

The league would also like to congratulate David Walker of York Young Boys in Division A and Andrew Good of the T-76ers in Division B for their outstanding goalkeeping during the regular season. David only allowed 13 goals during the regular season while Andrew let in 11. Congrats to both goalkeepers on their stellar play.


United FC - 2018 Division A Playoff Champions. This championship marked the first Playoff Championship for the United FC squad. Although being to the championship finals on a number of occasions in the early 2000s, the championship title seemed to elude them during that decade. In 2017, they won the 14th annual Archangel Cup Tournament beating out 16 other teams to win that title. They followed that up with a Playoff Championship victory in 2018. And this was quite an exciting game. Despite United FC leading 4-1 at one point in the game, Indomitable Lions came back to tie up the match 4-4. With limited time left, Jerome St. Bernard scored the game winner to give United FC  a 5-4 victory. It was a great game played by both teams.


Unionville Stars - 2018 Division B Playoff Champions. This marked the first time in league history that a team of free agents ended up winning a major championship title. This team was originally put together in 2013 by the league in order to allow free agents to form a team. Over the years, the team kept recruiting new players while keeping many of the original core members like Rooney, Tsotsos, Nelson, Thorpe and El-Bakastiny. This also marked the team's third championship final appearance in 5 years. Despite being down 1-0 to T-76ers in the first half, Unionville Stars tied up the game in the second half. In the middle of the second half, Matt Cooke netted the game winner and they held on to win 2-1 and mark their first (of many???) championships in the league.



MS United - 2017 Division A Playoff Champions. This championship was quite an amazing accomplishment as the Division A was stacked with 12 top quality teams. In the end, MS United ended up edging out Immortals FC by a score of 1-0 in the playoff championship finals. It was a very tight game but towards the end of the second half, it all changed after Alwyn Duncan sent a beautiful through ball to Peter Mastrangelo who ended up burying the opportunity in the back of the net. This was the second time in 4 years that Peter Mastrangelo had scored the winning goal for his team in a championship final match. It was a great team effort by all players and this victory marked the teams 3rd championship since 2013.

North York FC  - 2017 Division B Playoff Champions. Although their regular season didn’t mirror that of 2016, North York FC still turned it on when it counted and had an  impressive playoff run. They ended up beating Unionville Stars in the quarterfinals and then beat the Regular Season Champs, Markham United in the semifinals. In the Champions Finals they took on the T-76ers. Despite being down a goal in the second half, North York FC rallied back to win the match by a score of 4-1. This marked their 2nd consecutive championship victory in the B division.